White Label Solutions

Branded Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Edgility offers a comprehensive White Label SMS Solution starting with MessagePort

A single, standard mobile solution for every business does not exist, simply because the communication and marketing requirements of every business are diverse. A White Label Solution for your business can be developed to include as few or as many elements as necessary to ensure the integration of mobile communication is seamless and efficient. Some of the elements may include:

Customised Platform Branding

Edgility has developed a sophisticated mobile messaging platform – MessagePort – which can be skinned to incorporate your company logo and colour scheme, creating ownership and familiarity for your staff and clients.

Responsive Web Design

In some cases a messaging solution may be enriched with a fully branded and personalised website, with access to your online messaging portal and information regarding SMS and mobile marketing. The website is built in responsive format which optimises visitor experience in mobile and tablet devices.

Customisable Dedicated Login

In the absence of a dedicated website, a login can be embedded into your existing business website in order to streamline processes and maintain familiarity.

Reseller Account / User Hierarchy

Multi-level permissions can be established to cater for different levels of users. From the ability to create accounts for your clients with multiple users as a reseller, to single access accounts.

Pre-Paid Credit Account

Some reseller environments require SMS to be available in pre-paid bundles to their customers; MessagePort’s Pre-Paid module allows resellers to set specific SMS limits and pricing allowing users to top up their account via credit card or PayPal.

Post-Paid Invoiced Account

MessagePort’s sophisticated reporting makes it simple for a reseller to offer a monthly post-paid service to their customers.


All our White Label Solutions are customised to your business depending on your specific requirements