SMS for Promotions

SMS for Promotions

SMS is the worlds most widely accepted and accessible interactive tools. Get your message delivered right into your customers hand!

An SMS is opened in over 98% of instances compared to email at under 24%. With this in mind, no medium is as accepted, immediate, targeted or cost effective as SMS.

SMS offers promoters an avenue to advertise a very simple call to action, drive immediacy and direct response from the consumer, irrespective of where the promotion is advertised.

SMS Campaigns

A simple way of expanding your reach into the mobile space is through the execution of a promotional SMS campaign. These campaigns allow you to utilise a Message Header – sender number – for branding purposes and unlimited character for the message body. These campaigns are “one way” communication which means your recipients cannot respond to messages, so generally these promotions are used for information updates, special offers or alerts.


Virtual Numbers

Edgility can acquire and manage virtual numbers for your business which can be used specifically for SMS marketing purposes and advertised to clients to encourage “text in” interaction. These virtual numbers are great for lead generation and current or prospective client interaction. Set up automated responses and use keywords to determine responses.

Keyword Campaigns

Keyword campaigns are a great way to build your database, gather information and get a response to your marketing efforts. With Edgility’s keyword facility you can set up and manage multiple keyword or “text in” campaigns for such uses as, competitions, ad responses, “opt in” promotions and more. Keyword responses can also be automated with auto-replies, making promotions appear interactive  Contact us for more information.


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