The most integrated solution for your Business

Integrating SMS into your existing Client Management System or CRM is a great way to contact your clients and suppliers from a centralised system.

An integrated mobile solution means you can start sending through existing systems, without the need for third-party software.

Talk to us about integrating a solution for you. You will be surprised how quick and easy this could be.

Easy Integration

Develop your own SMS plugin with our easy to use RESTful API.

PHP Library
Using Composer or integrating into a PHP Project? Download our library from GitHub for the quickest integration.
Secure API Keys
Worried about security? All developers must use API Keys in MessagePort to help protect their accounts against unauthorised access.
When to use our API
If you need to send SMS straight from your application without the user leaving your environment, then integrate with our API…


Our API is flexible, it allows you to send and receive SMS as well as check your
account balance with a simple request