SMS for Sherlock & S.O.L.D Sales CRM

Edgility provides the ability to integrate SMS with Sherlock.

Sherlock SMS Set-up Checklist

  • Sign up for an SMS account with Edgility
  • Update settings in Sherlock & S.O.L.D
Important Note for users of Sherlock & S.O.L.D

When signing up with Edgility you would have received a welcome email containing your username (email) and password and API details to activate SMS in Sherlock & S.O.L.D. If you have forgotten your password it can easily be reset by visiting and clicking on the forgotten password link under the login area. Your username (email) and password is used to access the Web SMS Portal (this is not required to set-up SMS for Sherlock).

Sign up for SMS with Edgility

To sign up to the Edgility SMS service click here to and complete the online application form. Once your form has been submitted Edgility will set up your account and users and you will receive your Welcome Email.

Updating Settings in Sherlock & S.O.L.D

Once your Edgility account has been set-up, you will need to nominate a generic email address eg info@, rentals@ to be used as the one dedicated email address for Sherlock or S.O.L.D.

To update Sherlock setting to enable SMS
Log into SHERLOCK and go to;

  1. Go to Sherlock Administration
  2. Password = egnahc
  3. From Default tab select SMS manager
  4. Select Edgility
  5. Enter the user name and password from your welcome email
  6. Enter a 10 character business name as your header
  7. Save
  8. Enter your mobile number and test


To enable replies from your SMS in Sherlock go to;

SMS MANGER > SMS HEADER TEXT > (Reply Path) Leave Blank for open reply path.