Outlook Mobile Service

Outlook Mobile Service

An integrated way of sending SMS through Outlook.

Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) is a feature in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and 2010 that you use to create and send text messages to a mobile device from within Outlook in a manner similar to e-mail messages.

Advantages of Outlook Mobile Service

Two ways to communicate with your colleagues, prospects, and clients are e-mail messages and your mobile phone. Both have their advantages, but managing your contacts, correspondence, and appointments by using two different media can be inconvenient.

Outlook Mobile Service makes it easier to use both media and is completely integrated with Outlook. With Outlook Mobile Service, composing and sending a text message is now as quick and easy as creating and sending an e-mail message. After the message is sent, you can see it in the Sent Items folder in your Inbox and in Messageport. In addition, you can receive replies from your messages directly in your Outlook Inbox.



SMS conversations back and forth directly in your Email Inbox.


You can set-up to receive a daily delivery report so you can keep track of what has been delivered.


With a virtual number you can receive SMS enquiries directly to your Email Inbox.


Control and manage emails set-up and authorised to use Email SMS through Messageport.

Not running Outlook 2007 or 2010 in your office?

You can still use your email client to send SMS