Email SMS

SMS from your email client

Efficiency at your finger tips

Using your email to communicate now includes an added level of efficiency to your business. Sending EmailSMS though your email client or using the integration of OMS (Outlook Mobile Service) now means you can send messages to the people that matter to your business, as easily as you send email. Edgility’s EmailSMS and OMS products allow you to send and receive SMS messages from your email client as well as SMS notifications of calendar items.

EmailSMS is great for instant messaging and allows for your recipients to directly reply to your Email Inbox. Interaction with recipients is simple and easily tracked, via your sent items  and through Messageport – your messaging and reporting hub.


How do I send an SMS from email?

Open a new email

Type the mobile number(s) of the person you wish to contact (followed by in the address line, e.g

Type the body of you message in the body of the email.

All replies will come into your inbox along with the original SMS you sent to this person.

Standard SMS are limited to 160 characters. To check the length of your message use the word count feature available in most email packages.  In Outlook it can be found in the Tools drop down menu.


SMS conversations back and forth directly in your Email Inbox.


You can set-up to receive a daily delivery report so you can keep track of what has been delivered.


With a virtual number you can receive SMS enquiries to directly your Email Inbox.


Control and manage the emails set-up and authorised to use Email SMS through Messageport.

Running Outlook 2007 or 2010 in your office?

There’s any easier was to send with OMS – Outlook Message Service